I thought throwing chairs at people was an activity confined to tabloid TV talk shows and extreme cage fighting. I was wrong.

Check out this outrageous video of plastic chairs being thrown at the Women of the Wall, a multi-denominational group of women who gather to read Torah at the Kotel on the first day of every Hebrew month.

Unfortunately, harassment of women worshipers in Jerusalem is quite common — some haredi men have even thrown trash on the women’s side of the Kotel. Fortunately, the Israeli police come out in force when these incidents happen. About 40 officers formed a human wall of security around the WoW.

Most remarkable in the chair-throwing video is how calm and dignified the Women of the Wall are while under attack. One woman jokes that their Jewish attackers were doing them a service because she “actually wanted to sit down!”

If you’d like to support the Women of the Wall and the right of women everywhere to pray as they see fit, click here to learn ways to express solidarity.

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