Apparently, I am not the only parent who dresses her children as Jewish cuisine!

“Learning, Laughter & Light” reader and friend Cathy Karp writes in to share the winners of the 2009 Purim costume contest at Congregation B’nei Israel in San Jose, Costa Rica:

The Hamantaschen Puzzle -- Purim costume contest at Congregation B'nei Israel in Costa Rica

Cathy and her husband Artie’s sons Oren and Ethan — along with friends Alex and Max Feingold — shook things up a bit with their exclusive Hamantaschen Puzzle. What a refreshing twist from the usual batch of Queen Esthers and Mordechais.

Purim in Costa Rica at San Jose's progressive synagogue

Well done, boys!

Don’t forget to vote in our Hamantaschen Filling Poll — the ballot box will stay open for the entire week, as I believe that these cookies should be year-round treats.